Practical life exercises
FOR YOUNG CHILDREN THERE IS something special about tasks which an adult considers ordinary - paring vegetables, polishing shoes, etc. They are exciting to children because they allow them to imitate adults. Imitation is one of the strongest urges during children's early years.
THE PRELIMINARY EXERCISES DEVELOP movement and co-ordination. They form the foundation for other exercises and basic movement within the class. They help the children develop self-control over their bodies and enhance their awareness of the world around them. Through active movement in the class, the children learn about listening and concentration. Care for the Environment both indoors and out, helps to create a full self-expression of love for the environment. Care of the Person through dignity and independence, not just of oneself but of others as well. Grace and Courtesy are much deeper than manners; it is living together with respect. Children thrive on knowing what to do and when to do it, this gives them respect for others and the community.
WHEN CHILDREN BECOME ABSORBED in an activity, they gradually lengthen their span of concentration. They also learn to pay attention to details as they follow a regular sequence of actions. Finally, they learn good working habits as they finish each task and put away all the materials before beginning another activity.