Cooking and Nutrition
cooking and nutrition are part of the Practical Life activities ~ care of the person. Children have shown us that they would much rather be helping with real cooking activities than merely playing at cooking. At The Children’s Montessori Academy, cooking activities occur frequently. There is no substitute for the pleasures of hand squeezing the juice from an orange, baking cookies for a classroom holiday celebration, peeling and cutting apples for applesauce or shaking cream into butter.
children learn about the food groups and what their bodies need to be healthy. Different fruits and foods are experienced during snack times. Snack and lunch times are wonderful opportunities for the children to come together as a community each day. Helping to prepare the tables for lunch and snack, offering food to a classmate, and saying “please” and “thank you” instills confidence in the child and helps him to feel important to himself and those around him..