MARIA MONTESSORI PLACED a heavy emphasis on the importance of nature in the life of the child.
She said that Man “…still belongs to nature, and, especially when he is a child, his needs draw from it the forces necessary to the development of the body and of the spirit.”
AS SUCH, THERE IS VERY little separation between the indoors and the outdoors in a Montessori school.
Here at The Children’s Montessori Academy our indoor and outdoor environments provide children with the complete Montessori experience!
The children learn about nature, the sun, water, and soil and the natural processes that are part of our ecosystem and how it affects their everyday lives.
Zoology is an introduction to animals, their needs, characteristics and their environments. Learning about dinosaurs, marine life or animals that live in the wild is always fascinating to the children.
In the inddor environmenT, the children are in contact with nature through flower arranging activities and the care of the plants and animals. The Nature tray, magnifying glasses and simple experiments can be found on our classroom shelves.
our large property has enbaled us to create a fascinating outdoor environment where our students are free to explore and discover all that nature has to offer. From gardening in our vegetable garden or flower garden, raking and collecting leaves to identify, observing animals such as ants as they make their way to their anthill, hopping toads and rabbits passing through, to listening to the calls of robins, cardinals and blue jays, our outdoor environment is teaming with life. Going outside provides the preschooler with new levels of responsibility and independence.