Welcome Back!

We would like to welcome our new and returning students to The Children’s Montessori Academy! We all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to another fantastic school year with the children. We were thrilled to see so many of you at our August Open House. It has been so lovely catching up with everyone and getting to know our new students. We are amazed at how much the children have grown over the summer!

We have had a fantastic start to the school year and look forward to the all the joys to come. This is always a hectic time as all of us (teachers, students and parents) try to settle into new routines. Some children will settle in quickly and others may take a bit more time. Each child is unique and we must continue to be patient with the process and allow them to let their true lights shine. We are happy to say that we have seen some encouraging signs.

We are particularly impressed with the way our returning students are assisting and mentoring the younger students. They have been the younger students in the class and now they are really stepping up to assist our new students. That is one of the lovely things about the Montessori classroom.

In addition to the Montessori curriculum, in the upcoming weeks the children will be learning about Autumn, apples, leaves and the lifecycles of a pumpkin and an apple.

If parents have any questions, concerns or suggestions during the course of the year, please don’t wait for Parent-Teacher conferences. It’s true that our days at school are quite busy, but we always have time to speak with our parents. You can speak to us in person, write us a note, email us or leave us a phone message. Please note that it may not always be possible to get back to you immediately as we are in the classroom. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Your input is always welcome! We will also be writing about our goings on at our blog, Montessori Magic, which can be accessed by visiting our website You can also subscribe to the blog and receive the new post, along with the photos, in your inbox shortly after it is posted. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you for entrusting your precious children to our care. Here’s to a great year together!